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Apartment Ratings


Great place to live! Quiet, private, with great people who respect each other. Loads of parking and maintenance is responsible and attentive!! The people are responsible with pets, management is quick and does not micromanage. Amazing gym and pool access as well as the jacuzzi. All well maintained, no bugs, lawns and lakes are gorgeous with fish and turtles you can watch swim around as well as many species of water birds that come to visit. Screened in porches with beautiful views. Lake Crossing is a safe place to live with cameras all over the property for security purposes and locking gates with resident access only. Truly BEST PLACE TO LIVE IN GAINESVILLE FLORIDA!

Sean L.

Absolutely the best place I have lived in Gainesville in the five years I have been here. The apartments are spacious and relevant, so you won't have outrageous utility bills due to an A/C unit that should've been replaced ten years ago. The residents are friendly and respectful of one another. We have never once had to call the Courtesy Officer due to parties, or belligerent neighbors. People are quiet and will say hello as you pass them on the sidewalks. They also abide by the rules for pet cleanup, a huge problem at other apartment complexes. All-in-all I have been pleasantly surprised by my experience here, and look forward to living here as long as I'm in Gainesville. Thank you, CMC and Lake Crossing for understanding how to make an apartment complex feel like a personal community in a place where those who are living a normal life and aren't in school can live like adults, with adults.


My husband and I have enjoyed living here for four years and counting. We love the friendly office and maintenance crew and enjoy the beautiful campus that gives the impression of a well-established neighborhood! The amenities and campus are always clean and well kept. Thank you, Lake Crossing!!